Thanks, Clarence

June 19, 2008

When I was a reporter in Northwestern Ohio, I had the pleasure of interviewing Flat Rock resident Clarence Hunsinger. He was a fellow communicator — an author, community activist, and…near and dear to my heart…someone who loved to collect quotations.

Besides the clips of articles and pictures that I had taken during my reporting stint, my souvenirs of Ohio include a collection of letterpress cards that Clarence Hunsinger had given me — each with a pithy quotation, each printed on his own press. Many of these cards bear the mark: “From The Hunsinger Collection.”

I rediscovered this wonderful collection of quotations recently while thumbing through my binder of newspaper clippings. In this collection I found a card that has served as my motto as I navigate this new territory of Web sites and blogs. The motto is: “All Things are Difficult Before They are Easy.”

For someone in journalism school who thought that electric typewriters with carbon ribbons were high-tech, I’ve had quite a journey learning to use computerized word processors in the office, then dealing with personal computers at home, then publishing globally through Web sites and blogging.  I have yet to master IMing or texting on my cell phone.

But no matter if we share ideas on paper or electronically, I’m grateful that Clarence Hunsinger’s little letterpress card has inspired me to dive into electronic publishing.


One comment

  1. Hey Cindy —
    I can relate, having started off on an electric typewriter, back in the day, in Journalism school at MSU in the ’70s. In one class, we actually had alarm clocks on our desks to test how fast we could type a story. It wasn’t quick or easy to correct mistakes on those old IBM Selectrics. (Do I sound like the old man on the old Saturday Night Live routine?) And I remember how fearful I was when I was introduced to my first Dell computer. My son, in grade school then, had to teach me how to use it — which boggled my mind! Like you, I’m still learning, and grateful for this new technology…

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