Mars could support life

June 27, 2008

Thousands of years ago, our ancestors looked in the sky and saw a red speck. Hundreds of years ago, Galileo used his telescope to magnify that speck…a planet that we call Mars. Today, we can see crisp digital images taken from the surface of Mars…a planet that ranges in its orbit from 36 million to 250 million miles away from Earth. The pictures are so sharp, it’s as if we ourselves are standing on the red soil. And it’s rich fertile soil…the kind that could support life as we know it, according to NASA scientists.

Just think what Galileo would give to see an image like this…and to know that life could exist on Mars.



  1. Hey Cindy,
    That IS a cool thought…. And it’s nice to see photos on your blog. The touch of color is nice!

  2. Thanks, Cindy. It took me some serious trial-and-error, and a little in-house consulting help, to figure out how to do the picture.

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