Brain fatigue

July 24, 2008

Making too many choices in a day can tire our brains, according to a new article in Scientific American magazine. And it’s not just major life decisions that wear us down — deciding whether or not to eat a cookie also adds to our brain fatigue. Apparently, what counts is the total number of decisions we make in a day.

The article recommends that we avoid making important decisions when our brains are tired.

Food for thought.



  1. Does this mean that we should just eat that cookie, and not even think about it?! 🙂

  2. Hi, Anne.

    I agree — enjoy it and don’t hassle yourself!

  3. Hi, Cindy – I regretfully know first hand that the worst time to send out an email that might be controversial or taken the wrong way is just before going home for the day. I always thought it was due to just being tired, but it seems as though there might be some rationale behind it.

    Bud (yes, its me!)

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