A home designed by women

September 6, 2008

I loved this article in The Detroit News.  It’s about a home designed by women to accommodate the needs of a growing and changing family.  It includes a children’s study room near the kitchen and a dedicated office with attached bath for the mom on the main floor, which could morph into a bedroom suite for an aging parent.

I also love the idea of a small room near the master bedroom, which could, in turns, be used as a nursery, then a craft or sewing room, when there are no more blurry-eyed nighttime feedings for an infant.

The women who helped design this house also put a premium on a dedicated mud room, as well as a separate laundry on the second floor.  I’ve often wondered: Whoever thought it was a good idea to design a home where family, friends and guests walk through a laundry area?

I’ve love to start a dialogue on home design. What features do you like in your house?  What would you change?  Please share your thoughts.

— Cindy Hampel



  1. Hi CIndy — I liked that piece too. Interesting you brought this up. Now that we’re getting older, my husband and I will probably retire (eventually) in a home that’s on one floor, as opposed to the two-story Tudor we have now. This would also be important if our aging parents come to stay or spend more time with us. I am starting to appreciate ranch houses more than I used to! But I do love my older home and appreciate its character. We have done a lot of entertaining over the years, and often welcomed our son’s friends into our home, so I am very glad we had the extra space.

  2. We updated our 60’s rambler-style house a few years ago after living in the house for five years. I was so grateful to have the initial time in the house to see what did/didn’t work re: the design. The changes ranged from moving an entrance way to create a better flow of traffic in a room to installing cabinets with a big drawer where I could shove all our recycled newspapers out of sight. Design changes don’t have to mean a major addition. They can be tweaking the space you already have.

  3. Elaine, we also had lived in our house a few years before starting a remodeling project. We moved closets to create a more open traffic flow, and we opened up a new path into our kitchen. We had a chance to find out what was and wasn’t working with the layout of the house before we started. We’re lucky to have a full bath and two bedrooms on the main floor, and — at various times — we’ve used those rooms as an office, nursery, playroom or bedroom, depending on our needs.

    I really like your idea of a big drawer for recycling newspapers 🙂

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