Lipstick distraction

September 14, 2008

As a lipstick-wearing woman, I resent the McCain/Palin campaign trying to act as if references to lipstick now refer to Palin.  Part of me was laughing when the McCain campaign feigned outrage that Barack Obama would use the well-known phrase, “lipstick on a pig.”  Obama was talking about McCain’s economic policies being a clone of President George W. Bush’s policies.  It’s quite clear from the video clip that economic policies were the entire context of the remark — not Palin.

But part of me was disappointed, too, becaue this distraction garnered precious media time away from the important issues that need to be discussed.  I think the shade of this lipstick is called red-herring.  And how ironic that McCain, who himself called Hillary Clinton’s health care plan “lipstick on a pig,” would now complain when a Democrat uses it to decry McCain’s economic policies.

Read my lipstick: No new distractions!

— Reprinted from Letters to the Editor, Detroit Free Press, Sept. 13, 2008.



  1. Well said. The good news is that many in the media, including Barbara Walters when talking to McCain himself, have pointed out his hypocrisy. It’s important to get the word out every time this type of thing happens.

  2. Thanks, Sharon. I think the most respectful way we can treat Sarah Palin is to treat her the way we’d treat a man running for the vice presidency. I believe that equal treatment based on merit is what feminism is all about. No candidate will be “perfect,” whatever that means. But I believe that “By their fruits you shall know them.” So I’m asking myself:
    * Is this person knowledgeable enough for the job?
    * Do I agree with this person’s style of interacting with others?
    * Do I agree with this person’s policies?

  3. Great letter and post, Cindy. Kudos for getting it into the Freep! Mitch Albom has a column you might want to read today, too!

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