“Because I’m the mom”

September 16, 2008

Taking a break from politics, I’d like to share this video, which I thought was hysterically true. It’s called “The Mom Song.”

— Cindy


One comment

  1. Thanks for that, Cindy! I do think we need a wee bit of a break from McPalin and a return to normal, whatever that may be in the midst of this new economic crisis. For my own sanity, I have to stop giving Palin any more power over my day — because I am just plain tired of hearing about her. Driving to Ann Arbor yesterday, I was listening to an XM radio program, and all of these women were calling in to defend Sarah … “why was everyone picking on poor Sarah?” they asked. The women defending Palin were doing so because they thought she was “nice and likable,” which seemed to make her qualified enough to run the country, they said.

    Huh? Why did I bother to go to college, if all you have to do is to be “likable” to qualify for Vice Presidency in this country? Ah well, this is why we need to laugh more, Cindy. Otherwise, well, it’s just really sad out there.

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