Someone took our Obama lawn sign…

September 27, 2008

…so we made our own.  If this very unartistic placard makes neighbors wonder what happened to the other sign that’s been gracing our lawn for two weeks, good!  

If someone takes our makeshift sign, we’ll make another — or donate for another.  But donating for signs at our local headquarters is sometimes difficult,  because they keep running out — which, in itself, is a good sign!

— Cindy Hampel



  1. Cindy, I am so sorry to hear about the theft of your Obama sign. (So much for “Christian values” in the neighborhood, eh?) I have vowed to make a generous contribution to the Obama campaign every time someone steals my lawn signs or keys the Obama sticker on my car — which has already happened.

    What a shame that people can’t be civil. I am trying to take my lead from Senator Obama himself — to conduct myself with dignity and class throughout this campaign.

  2. Cindy, I’m sorry to hear that someone has been keying the Obama sticker on your car. Very UNcivil behavior.

  3. We took advantage of our predicament and let our kids tag along with us as we walked into our local campaign office to donate for a new lawn sign. We also donated for another bumper sticker. Our sons cut it up and used it artistically. One added parts of the bumper sticker to his skateboard. Another son added the http://www.barackobama.com tag line to Nintendo DS. (And we stored our makeshift sign to use just in case our new sign is stolen.)

  4. Go Obama!! (And Cindy for homemade signs!)

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