Advice for voters

October 21, 2008

I’ve been hearing some news about voters who’ve encountered snags in the early-voting states.  But I believe that forewarned is forearmed, so I’d like to pass along these reports.

DON’T DO STRAIGHT-TICKET VOTING.  According to the debunking Web site Snopes, straight-ticket voting might negate your vote for president.  Even if you plan to vote for every person of a certain political party in every category, you’ll be protecting your ballot by voting individually for every single person or issue.

DOUBLE-CHECK YOUR TOUCHSCREEN RESULTS.  In West Virginia, for example, people have encountered vote flipping from Obama to McCain, according to The Charleston Gazette.  You might need to triple-check or quadruple-check. 

DON’T BE INTIMIDATED.  Sometimes, people try to dissuade others from voting by telling them that the police will nab them for outstanding warrants or unpaid traffic fines.  Not true, according to Snopes

So be prepared when it’s your turn to exercise your franchise!

— Cindy Hampel



  1. Thanks for the warning, Cindy … this is worrisome. I don’t trust the process, and wish I could.

  2. I’m cautiously hopeful that citizens this year are more aware of potential voting problems than in 2000 or 2004. I’m also hopeful with recent judicial decisions that are affirming the right of people to vote early. But I wanted to encourage people to vote — don’t be afraid, but do watch how you fill out your ballot and how it is counted.

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