Warm hands, warm heart

October 24, 2008

Remember the famous novel, A Christmas Carol, by Charles Dickens?  Dickens portrays the cold-hearted Ebenezer Scrooge as a miserly man who keeps his accounting shop and home frigid.  

But did Scrooge keep his shop and home cold because he was cold-hearted — or was Scrooge cold-hearted because he was physically cold?  A new study by Yale psychologists says that the second viewpoint might be correct.

The researchers found evidence to contradict the old expression, “Cold hands…warm heart.”  Instead, they discovered that people felt more warm-hearted when their hands were physically warm.  It’s yet another example of the strong link between the physical and the emotional.

Is it any wonder, then, that people might feel more comfortable emotionally in a physically warm home, or that a potential client might feel more inclined to close a business deal after sharing a hearty meal with a sales rep?

So in these stressful times, with winter approaching in the northern latitudes, it might help to remember how important it is to keep ourselves comfortably warm, and to donate what we can to help the less fortunate keep warm as well. 

Cindy Hampel



  1. What a beautiful segue from how we feel to how important it is to remember to help others. We have our sweaters and sweatshirts at the ready for the impending cold, and this winter we have a cat to keep our laps warm.

  2. Thanks, Sharon, for your kind words. And I’ve enjoyed reading on your Web site about your adventures with Leo the Tomcat!

  3. I heard about the warm hands/warm heart connection … A heartwarming post, Cindy!

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