The power of taking a stand

November 6, 2008


America got on its feet to vote…and changed the nation.

On Nov. 4th, people stood in line, sometimes waiting for hours.  Later that evening, some 250,000 people stood at Grant Park in Chicago, waiting to hear President-Elect Barack Obama address America and the world.  Yesterday, we saw people stand in line to buy newspapers about the election of Obama as the 44th President of the United States.

Why would people stand so long?  After all, it’s inconvenient and leads to aching feet. 

As I see it, we Americans weren’t just standing.  We were taking a stand.  And the longer we stood, the stronger our message. 

I’m convinced that there’s power…real power…when we stop sitting on the fence and start taking a stand.

— Cindy Hampel



  1. Yes we did! Taking a stand is exactly right, Cindy … I can’t tell you how many people I’ve heard voice their disappointment and anger about the last 8 years — and who felt Obama gave them renewed hope for an administration with integrity. It was worth waiting in line for!

  2. I agree, Cindy. It WAS worth waiting in line for! Ray and I got to our polling place at 6:40 a.m. By that time, I’d estimate some 50 people were already waiting in line for both our precinct and the neighboring precinct. Quickly, a poll worker redirected our precinct line through another hallway of the school to avoid confusion with the long line for the other precinct. Before 7 a.m., our line grew to some 200 or so. It was amazing waiting in line so early in the morning with so many other neighbors who wanted to take their stand and make sure their votes were counted.

    Kudos to our poll workers who shepherded so many people so quickly through the maze of lines. I was also thrilled to see young people, perhaps in the late teens or early 20s, who were helping at the polls, as well the dependable retirees.

  3. You’re right about getting off the fence. People took a stand, and then they stood up to be counted.

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