November 10, 2008

Talk about being in the right place at the right time.  obamaencounter2

The Detroit Free Press reports that, on Nov. 4th, a couple of friends from Detroit were the first members of the public to greet President-Elect Obama.

The lucky people: 71-year-old Leola Brock-Reese and Freddie Simmons, 77.

Imagine: You wake at dawn to drive five hours from Detroit to Chicago.  You tour the city during the day, planning to join the crowd at Grant Park in the evening.  But by 9:45 p.m. you’re tired from the touring and the long day.  So you head back to your hotel.  You enter the Hyatt Regency and ride the elevator to the 28th floor, planning to watch CNN to find out who won. 

But as you walk down the hallway, you see a door open and a flock of black-suited men comes toward you.  Behind them is Barack Obama.  He’s smiling.  He wants to shake your hand.  He wants you to take a picture with him.  You wish him luck. 

But then you hear the news — from Obama himself — that he just won the election and he’s on his way to Grant Park now.

I doubt, when the friends left Detroit for Chicago at dawn, they’d ever imagine that by evening, they’d be the first members of the public to greet President-Elect Obama.


One comment

  1. OOOOhhh — I love this story! Can you imagine the thrill? This story brings tears to my eyes, and rekindles the total joy I felt when I watched the news on CNN. I will remember that moment forever.

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