In the dog house?

December 1, 2008

Our family watched Barbara Walters’ recent interview with Barack and Michelle Obama.  I liked everything I heard except — call me pettythe President-Elect’s remark about “girly” dogs.  (See the YouTube video clip here.) 

Of course, Mr. Obama is entitled to dislike whatever dog breeds he wants to dislike.  I just wish he didn’t use a gender-based term to express his dislike.  It’s not that we have a dog — we don’t have any dog, “girly” or otherwise.  But in a way, Mr. Obama’s remark reminded me of the old Looney Tunes cartoons, where all the big dogs breeds were male and all the small and poodlish dogs were female — quite an impossibility, of course!

Considering that Mr. Obama is surrounded by females, I wouldn’t be surprised if that remark put him in the dog house before he moves to the White House.



  1. Funny you say that. That’s the only comment that hit me the wrong way too. I was surprised Barbara didn’t make an issue of it!

  2. OK – add me to the list of people who did a double-take after hearing that comment. He’s usually so inclusive in his language! I’m surprised that this didn’t cause a mini-media firestorm. Obama’s media honeymoon must still be going on.

  3. Being a crazy cat person, I am sorry the Obamas aren’t considering a kitten …

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