More than 2 million auto jobs at stake

December 3, 2008

Take a look at this interactive map from the Detroit Free Press.  On the map, roll over each state to see how many auto jobs would be affected if Detroit’s Big 3 collapse.  The map shows that more than 2 million Americans have jobs directly related to the American auto industry…not to mention those employed indirectly.  And that includes Alaska and Hawaii.



  1. Wow, Cindy. Thanks for sharing this. I don’t think people outside Detroit quite comprehend the tsunami effect that will occur if the auto industry fails.

  2. That is an incredibly informative map. I’ve always wondered about the breakdown of people who work on the assembly line versus those in parts versus dealerships.

    I am so ambivalent about the auto industry … while it would be catastrophic to individual American families to let one (or all) of the Big Three fail, I wonder if that is what it would take for the industry to be overhauled. The status quo isn’t working (and hasn’t been for a while). Will pumping in rescue money result in more of the same? Really, I don’t know …

  3. Elaine, just curious…what overhauling would you like from the Big 3 auto companies that they aren’t already doing?

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