Okay, I love vegetables, but…

January 31, 2009

whoopiveg…not in that way.  I can see why NBC chose not to run the racy PETA commercial during tomorrow’s Superbowl between the Arizona Cardinals and the Pittsburgh Steelers.  (If you haven’t yet seen the commercial, I’ll let you find the link for yourself.)

I know I’m allowing my blog to be used.  I’m adding to the online viral buzz  — a buzz that allows PETA to show its commercial to a worldwide audience through the Internet without spending big bucks for commercial time during the Superbowl.

On the other hand, I get to make a pun about “steamy vegetables” and remark how much I enjoyed watching Whoopi Goldberg spoof the commercial earlier this week on The View.  (The picture above gives you an idea.)

I know for many people, watching the Superbowl commercials and the half-time show are as important as watching the game itself.  And often the whole family will watch the Superbowl together, so I think that NBC made the right call.

— CH



  1. Isn’t that amazing — only in America would commercials be as watched as the main program! I saw Whoopi doing her spoof on The View too — funny!

  2. I agree that Whoopi was funny. She knows how to make a point. I didn’t realize the actual commercial was that risque and will have to find it elsewhere. I prefer the Superbowl commercials to the constant jabber of the game announcers.

    *Cindy, bloglines has not been notifying me when you update your posts. There may be a glitch somewhere on their end.

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