A touching moment

April 2, 2009

Did you see the media kerfuffle about First Lady Michelle Obama and Emichelleandliz4ngland’s Queen Elizabeth II?

According to the Daily Mail online, during the recent G-20 summit of world leaders in London, some observers thought Michelle Obama may have broken royal protocol by touching the Queen. 

The First Lady gave Queen Elizabeth a hug — a common gesture from the First Lady here in the States, but a big no-no when it comes to English royalty.

However, instead of acting shocked, the Queen returned the gesture by putting her arm around Michelle Obama’s waist. 

This reminds me of Elizabeth II’s behavior during the funeral of Lady Diana in 1997, when the Queen bowed her head solemnly while the cortege passed the royal family.  (This occurs about a minute into this YouTube video clip.)

What do you think of the gestures between Michelle Obama and Queen Elizabeth?  There are no wrong answers here…just your two pence.

— Cindy



  1. Two women shared a special moment. In my mind they are equals so there is no impropriety. A welcomed hug breaks down barriers and sets people at ease.

  2. Without going back to review the video, I seem to recall that the contact was initiated by the Queen.

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