“Blue skies smiling at me…”

April 16, 2009



Last month, Ray and I trekked to Ann Arbor to see a special event: our son Luke exhibited his first work in an Ann Arbor art gallery. Joining us for this special event were Luke’s brothers and his grandparents.

The gallery on State Street hosted a special exhibition of student artwork, called “The Five Senses.”  Both floors of the gallery housed works that tempted all the senses, including a Fruit Loops dispenser for the taste buds.

However, the obvious appeal of Luke’s artwork was the visual sense.   Anyone who lives in Michigan during the winter knows that our days are often cloudy as well as cold.  But when we do enjoy a clear winter day, I think the color of blue sky is nothing short of radiant.  I know I’m Luke’s Mom, but I’m amazed at the way he captured one of Michigan’s magically clear winter skies and the realistically wispy clouds.

Luke is an architecture student at the University of Michigan.  If you’d like to see more of his artwork, here’s the link.  Enjoy!



  1. How wonderful — the art looks fabulous! Many congrats to Luke — you have every right to be a proud mom!

  2. Thanks, Cindy, for your kind words.

  3. That would be a welcome sight in Maine, as well. Beautiful.

  4. The blue skies make me smile, the same reaction I have when I walk out into a beautiful spring day. Lovely!

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