“We all need someone to lean on”

June 16, 2009

Here’s a picture guaranteed to brighten your day.  It’s a wonderfully warm and candid picture of a little tan-and-white dog snuggling for a nap with a very big black-and-gray pig.   And it comes to us courtesy of Alice Birney, a Peace Corps worker on the Island of Tonga.

A hat tip to my cousin Ellen for sending me this picture…inspired by an April blog, titled,  Learning from Dogs.”

Thanks, Alice, for the picture — and the title for this post!DogAndPig



  1. Now that’s a cute couple. What is it that is so endearing about a pig? From Babe to Wilbur, we are enchanted with these barnyard animals. I feel it, but I can’t explain it.

  2. Sharon, they are adorable. I just love the utter contentment in the eyes of these two sleeping animals. And there is something about pigs that I find unexplanably cute…they’re also very intelligent animals. Years ago, I remember seeing a picture of a little boy being rescued by his pet pig. Maybe the dog liked being pals with a cute, intelligent and brave pig!

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