Turnabout is fair play

February 12, 2010

Does anybody else here have a problem with routine put-downs of women?   I’m tired of the misogynistic Superbowl ads that try to insult men by saying they should be wearing a skirt, or the common remark that “He cried like a little girl.”   Of course, Rush Limbaugh has been stoking the anti-woman rhetoric for years by referring to strong women as “femi-nazis” and the “B” word is thrown around anytime a woman isn’t a pushover.

Then there were the commentaries about the blizzards on the East Coast and using a single data point to dispute the general trend of global warming.   (I wonder what they’ll say about record warm temperatures in Vancouver for the Winter Olympics?)  Among the climate-change naysayers were people who called Al Gore “hysterical” because…of course!…a major snowstorm disproves years of data showing we’re heating up the planet.

Notice the word “hysterical.”  English language buffs will know that it refers to women — as in “hysterectomy”.   I’m tired of people using words associated with the female sex to put down men, such as “son of a b…” or “b..t..d.”

Why can’t we have a male-oriented word that describes the over-the-top rantings of Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly and Pat Buchanan?

Well, I thought of a word this morning: testostical.  But I googled it up and discovered I wasn’t the first to think of it, so I’d like to give credit where credit is due.   Thank you to the anonymous bloggers who’ve already added that word to the English language.

So ladies: when you think of over-the-top male ranting, you now have a word for it: TESTOSTICAL!



  1. I love learning new words. Increases my testosticalur wisdom. Unfortunately, when I checked the dictionaries for your new word, nothing came up!
    What’s up with that?

  2. Cindy, you made me laugh out loud! As soon as I figure out how to say it, I will start using it.

  3. Sharon, I’m glad I brightened your day! I’d pronounce it as “Test-OST-i-kal”.

    Cafe Pasadena, Welcome from from cafe to another! I thought I might have coined a new word, but some bloggers coined it first. If you hit the link that says “googled it up,” you’ll see a couple other people started using it first. But it’s not an official word — yet! Maybe we can get it into circulation.

  4. Just an aside…I think that some of the other guys on MSNBC could join Pat Buchanan in the testostical club! It seems that over-the-top rants from men are the style de jour on cable opinion channels. And I’d find it refreshing if Mika Brzezinski could say three sentences in a row on “Morning Joe” without getting interrupted by Joe Scarborough. Same goes for Eleanor Clift on “The McLaughlin Group.” Even Monica Crowley on The McLaughlin Group often has to race her words to finish her thought before McLaughlin interrupts her.

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