Sometimes, quantity IS quality

January 11, 2011

I thought this study was fascinating…why is there such an achievement gap between kids in poorer households and kids from more well-to-do homes? The answer might be how many words young kids hear before age 3.

In other words, sometimes quantity IS quality.

According to a story reported by National Public Radio, a graduate student in child development has apparently discovered that a major key to helping kids do better in school is to talk to preschoolers — A LOT.

The kids who did better in school heard some 2100 words per hour before age 3 — while the kids who were struggling heard maybe 600 words per hour.  It wasn’t the only factor in the kids’ success.  But it was a big factor.

Here’s a link to this fascinating study: Closing the Achievement Gap with Baby Talk.


One comment

  1. This makes sense to me. Many years ago when my kids were little I laughed about the notion of “quality time” with children; parents can’t pick what time will be quality time. You need a quantitiy of time so that some of it has quality.

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