Can you do it?

January 23, 2011

Can you do absolutely nothing for two minutes except look at a beautiful picture of a sunrise/sunset over the water and listen to the the waves lapping the shore? Try it here!

I’d enjoy finding out if you could do it within the first two minutes…or did it take you a few tries?



  1. Two minutes is a long time. But, I just returned from the Detroit Institute of Arts where I did stand for quite a while in front of several paintings that calm and inspire me. I don’t think it’s easy for any of us to slow down long enough to fully appreciate beauty these days …

  2. I managed to do it on the first try! Actually, this fits right in with a minimalist lifestyle I’ve been working on as a New Year’s Resolution.

    Last summer, I became aware of the minimalist/barefoot running movement (see, for example, http://www.livingbarefoot.info/), and I’m convinced it’s a heathy way to go. Then I decided to extend the minimalist idea to the rest of my life. Leo Baubauta, at http://zenhabits.net/, is a guidepost for now.

  3. Cindy, I know you’re so busy right now helping your mom. It’s great to take some time for yourself.

    Bud, it’s great you could do that on the first try! I took three tries to get there. Congrats on following a minimalist lifestyle that helps you!

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