Just wondering…

February 10, 2011

Did you ever have one of those days when unanswered questions swirl in your brain?

EXAMPLE #1: In one of the catalogs I receive through the mail, I noticed the usual Shipping and Handling fee.  Okay, I get that there’s a fee for shipping the items I order, and they’re charging me for “handling” my order, too.  But then a few lines down on the order form, there’s another line that says Processing Fee.

Just wondering: How is Handling different from Processing…and why does it cost me an extra $1.99 so that my order can be processed?

EXAMPLE #2: Remember this past December when the public servants in our nation’s capital decided to ADD $700 billion to our federal deficit over the next two years, according to the Los Angeles Times?  They did that by extending tax cuts to people who don’t need them.  At the time, I thought to myself, “Come January and February, they better not complain about the deficit!”  But, alas, suddenly the deficit matters once again — and, unfortunately, the targets for cutting include programs that help people in need.

Just wondering: Why is it that in December, the deficit didn’t matter when it came to extending tax cuts for the wealthiest among us…but in February, the deficit does matter when it comes to programs that help needy citizens get food stamps and heat their homes in the winter?


One comment

  1. Good questions! I have gotten particular about where I place my orders, and I more often than not get free shipping with no handling charges.

    The second question is at the heart of what’s wrong in politics today: people get away with saying one thing, doing another, and lying about it. We just need to keep putting the truth out there and hope that people listen.

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