Looking for George Clooney on 14 Mile Road

March 18, 2011

Normally, I’d only need one reason to take my son to the optical store. After all, he just saw the eye doctor today and got a new prescription. So it makes perfect sense that I would take John, new prescription in hand, to The House of Optical.

But today, I had two reasons to go to the optical store — because the optical store is just one block away from where George Clooney is shooting scenes for his new movie, The Ides of March.

The eyeglass store is The House of Optical.  The movie is shooting at Nick’s Country Oven — one block away. Both are on Fourteen Mile Road in nearby Clawson.

The City of Clawson has blocked off a section of Fourteen Mile Road at the curb lane in order to give the movie crew a safe area to work.  Some large white trailers are parked in nearby Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church. Lights on cherry picker trucks are stationed on the street and in the parking lot of another nearby building — which just happens to house the dental office of my youngest son’s orthodontist. (Hi, Dr. Kabot!)

And guess  what? Noah is scheduled to get his bottom braces off on Monday! So I have another reason to find myself on Fourteen Mile Road, again, about a block away from Nick’s Country Oven.

Message to George Clooney: If you haven’t yet finished shooting your scenes today, could you please drag out filming your scenes until Monday evening? And could you just happen to stop by at Dr. Kabot’s?

Pretty please?



  1. I hope you caught a glimpse of Mr. Clooney!

  2. He sure stirred up a lot of excitement around town, didn’t he, Cindy? Hope you caught a glimpse …

  3. Cindy, from your blog, it seems you got pretty close to him!

    Sharon, right now I’ll have to live vicariously through Cindy LaFerle’s experiences of rubbing elbows with the stars!

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