The little purple box

April 1, 2011

Have you heard about Ghostery?

I recently added Ghostery to my computer…and I’m fascinated!

Of course I knew there were companies that monitored my online viewing habits.  But with Ghostery, now I get to see the names of the companies that are trying to monitor me.  It reminds me of the Elvis Costello song, “Watching the Detectives”.

Now after I click to visit a site, I see a little purple box in the upper right corner of my screen. And in that box are names like: Comscore Beacon, DoubleClick, DoubleClick Floodlight, Facebook Connect, Google Analytics, Omniture, Pubmatic, Quantcast, WordPress Stats,  Crowd Science, Blogads, ChartBeat, Google Adsense, Facebook Social Plugins, Outbrain and TweetMoms.

As I find more names, I’ll add them here: Turn, Optify, Right Media, interclick, Not Ratings Cite Census, Quigo Ad Sonar…Disqus, Chikita, AddtoAny, 24/7RealMedia, Tacoda, ValueClickMediaplex, Infolinks, Lotame, Lyrus ClickTracks, AddThis, PointRoll, Dynamic Logic, GoogleFriendConnect, StatCounter, Woopra, ShareThis, BlueLithium, LeadBack, MicrosoftAtlas….

And if you add Ghostery to your computer, I’d be interested to know what names you see in your little purple box.



  1. so did you download that little purple box from somewhere or how did you end up with it?

    • Hi, Kathy. If you click on the Ghostery link in the blog article, you’ll see a spot you can click on if you want to download it.

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