Why bother with the facade?

April 18, 2011

So…I was looking at the masthead to my blog. And I was thinking that normally, I do like to write about topics that I hope people will enjoy. But considering what happened today in Michigan, I knew I needed to write about this:

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder has exercised his emergency powers, granted to him by Michigan’s one-party-controlled legislature, to take away control of a local community from the officials that the citizens had elected.

It happened in Benton Harbor, Michigan. Want to see the order?  Click here to see the article by Todd A. Heywood in The Michigan Messenger, titled “Benton Harbor emergency manager strips power from all elected officials.”

Oh, there are a few things those elected can still do…like call a meeting to order, approve the minutes, and adjourn the meeting.  But if I were an elected official from Benton Harbor, Michigan, I’d say, “Why bother?”



  1. I heard about this on “Rachel Maddow” when it was first proposed. We are going through our own trials in Maine, but the governor hasn’t tried to unincorporate any towns yet. We are living in strange times.

  2. Last night, Rachel Maddow talked about this again. According to Maddow, the city of Benton Harbor years ago had been given some very valuable real estate by, I believe, a former mayor and his wife, in memory of their little girl who died at a young age. It’s a beach park off the shore of Lake Michigan. But coincidental to this “emergency power” take over, some people have plans for building a luxury golf course complex that would include building on that lake shore park.

  3. I see that pension managers in Detroit have filed a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of Michigan’s new “emergency financial manager” law.


  4. I have been following this story on “Rachel Maddow” too. Thanks for the update from the Detroit resource. It’s a shame that people are going to have to fight at every turn just to hold onto what is rightfully theirs.

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