My favorite dance from this season’s DWTS

May 31, 2011

This was my favorite dance from this past season’s “Dancing with the Stars”…it’s Chelsea Kane and Mark Ballas’ final samba.

Does anybody know the name of that move where their arms are out in front of them?  It starts at about 1:05.  Whatever it is, I love it!



  1. I love that show. Hines was my favorite from day one, and not just because that’s my family name;-) I’m going to order your book today for my Kindle. Can’t wait to read. I love books that take difficult situations and give practical spiritual advise for dealing with them.

  2. I was rooting for Kirsty but expected Chelsea to win. I think both Chelsea and Hines were good. I think her samba was a bit more artistic than Hines’ marching band freestyle dance. But athletes have a good track record of winning DWTS…probably because it is such a constantly physically demanding contest and because they know how to take direction well, with the professional dancer as their new coach.

    When the Kindle book version is up, I’ll let you know. There was a technical glitch and I believe it’s corrected now and just awaiting final review.

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