Edgy veggies

July 11, 2011

Who wouldda thunk?

Vegetables are now edgy!  They’re controversial!  Maybe Lady Gaga can now wear an outfit made from sliced zucchini to an award show and garner international media coverage!

Why would I suggest such a thing?

Because here in Oakland County, Michigan, a resident dares to grow vegetables…yes, vegetables!…in her front yard.  For this controversial behavior, Julie Bass is being sued by her city of residence, Oak Park. She could face 93 days in jail for defying the status quo.

Why?  It seems that vegetables aren’t considered “suitable live plant material” for a front yard in the City of Oak Park.

With all the hot water that Bass is in, maybe she could add produce from her controversial front yard and make vegetable soup for the folks in City Hall.

Follow along with this veggie tale at Bass’s own blog site:  Oak Park Hates Veggies.

And who knows? Maybe edgy hipsters will start tattooing themselves with controversial carrots or sexy squash!

Who can predict what will happen now that veggies have become a symbol of protest?



  1. I saw this story earlier, and wondered if this was in your neck of the woods. Her beds are very similar to the vegetable garden I have going in my backyard.

    Over the years, I’ve become quite a Thomas Jefferson-ofile. Despite my deep admiration, I blame him completely for the manicured lawn look!

  2. Yes, Bud, I think we’ll need to “think outside the lawn” when it comes to front yards.

    By the way, what are you growing in your veggie garden, Bud?

  3. This year, we’re growing tomatoes, eggplant, collard, and swiss chard. Plus, we’ve had a few cilantro plants from last season emerge unexpectedly.

    We ordered our seeds for the first time from http://www.kitazawaseed.com/

  4. Wow, that’s pretty extreme! I think it’s wonderful that this woman is growing vegetables — anywhere in her yard. I don’t get much sun on my property, so I plant what I can, where I can. If I had to plant in my front yard, I would! I do have my herbs and tomatoes in my back and side yards — but that’s simply because they are closest to the kitchen, where I can “harvest” quickly as needed.

  5. I wish I had the energy to plant a garden in my front yard. Having your own garden is really the only way you can be sure of exactly what you’re getting.

  6. Thanks for sharing this interesting story, Cindy. I read several posts on her blog. What a great story about small-town politics! She has my admiration for standing up for her right to garden. I hope she wins.

  7. Cindy and Sharon, I admire Julie’s energy, not only for her garden, but also for her cause. Just think: in World War II, it might have been called a Victory Garden.

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