Ever get a call from (312) 423-7511?

December 14, 2011

Before I use the call-blocking service available on our phone, I wanted to shine some Internet light on an annoying call we’ve recently started receiving.  Our Caller ID says it’s from H&H LTD OFFICE and the number is (312) 423-7511.

For your entertainment, I took down the message word-for-word.   To get the full flavor of this message, imagine a woman’s voice sounding firm and urgent. However, when the message states the person’s name, it reverts to a fuzzy-sounding voice synthesizer. Here’s the transcribed spiel:

This is a message for (robo voice) Ma– Kihl–er.  If we have reached the wrong number for this person, please call us back at (312) 423-7484 to remove your phone number. If you are not (robo voice) Ma– Kihl–er, please hang up or disconnect. If you are (robo voice) Ma– Kihl–er, please continue to listen to this message. There will now be a three second pause in this message. (Pause is more like six seconds.) By continuing to listen to this message, you acknowledge that you are (robo voice) Ma– Kihl–er. You should not listen to this message so that other people can hear it, as it contains personal and private information. There will now be a three-second pause in this message to allow you to listen to this message in private. (No pause…just disconnect.)



  1. I have been getting calls from Rachel at Credit Card Services for months, even after I placed our number on the “do not call list.” Finally I listened all the way through with the thought I might get a person but at the end of the recording the call disconnects. What is the point???

    Frustrations aside, happy new year. Maybe this will be the year that people decide robo calls really don’t work and that women who co-host talk shows deserve to be heard;)

  2. I’ve just started getting calls from 312- 473-7511, or H&H, Harris and Harris in Chicago. No! I don’t know what this is about but I can guess it’s a past debt. I have debt management but I can’t seem to cover everything.
    One-thing I know, that people get frantic at this time of year, telemarketers and scammers trying to get that holiday money. Thank you.

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