Scared adults…and brave kids

July 13, 2013


Ladies, do you know what the adults in the Texas legislature are scared of? When they’re debating a contentious bill and they’re screening citizens for entry into the capitol building, do you think they’ll conviscate your concealed gun? Oh, no! What they’re really scared about is…your concealed tampon. Yes, that’s right! Yesterday, the Texas legislature allowed concealed guns into the building while security guards conviscated tampons and other feminine hygiene products.  Who would have thunk? See the story in The Huffington Post.

And now, moving from the ridiculous to the sublime…


Two brave teenagers on bicycles are being credited with helping to save a five-year-old girl who was kidnapped from the front lawn of her grandmother’s house. When the teenagers saw the suspicious car, they continued tailing the car until the kidnapper released the little girl. See the story in the Mail Online.


One comment

  1. Omigosh — I totally missed this story … just stopped by to check on your blog, Cindy. I’ve been lax about blog reading this summer, and am spending some time going through my blog roll. Hope your summer is going well!

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