Goodwill gesture erases the ‘blues’

September 21, 2013

I’ll be happy to walk once again through the door of my local Meijer store.

Why?  Because they cared about my customer goodwill.

Some readers may recall recently reading about a pricing gripe I’d had with Meijer involving a blue rolling Igloo-brand cooler.  I won’t repeat the whole story. But the incident spurred me to contact the Michigan Attorney General’s office because the issue involved the Michigan Scanner Law.

The AG’s office contacted the Legal Department at Meijer in Grand Rapids.  Soon a string of emails ensued, followed by a call from a manager at my local Meijer store, who apologized for the mix-up and offered to send me the blue rolling Igloo cooler as a goodwill gesture.

I gratefully accepted the offer. Arrangements were made, and I received the cooler yesterday.

In the grand scheme of things, this whole incident may seem small. I know some people believe we’re not supposed to sweat the small stuff, and from their point of view, everything is small stuff.

I disagree. Don’t get me wrong. I understand the general idea that some things truly are trivial. But I never liked the idea of dismissing everything as “small” and, therefore, somehow unworthy of our energy. After all, decimal points aren’t small to an accountant. Millimeters aren’t small to a brain surgeon.

That’s why I never liked the idea that everything is small stuff. Sometimes, small stuff is important stuff…especially when it can turn a frown into a smile.


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