The 2017 DWW Writing Competition

July 28, 2017

Detroit Working Writers is the oldest organization of writers in the State of Michigan.

The group was founded in 1900 by female journalists and known as the Detroit Press Club–the first press club in the City of Detroit. Four years later, male journalists organized a press club of their own–and took over the name. So the original group officially changed its name to Detroit Women Writers in 1914. In May 2003, the name was changed again, to Detroit Working Writers, to reflect the fact that the group is also open to male writers.

DWW’s mission is to encourage creative writing of the highest professional standard. Today’s DWW includes female and male writers from genres that include journalism, poetry, creative nonfiction and fiction.

The purpose of DWW’s annual writing competition is to encourage writers in their craft–members and nonmembers alike. Winners will be announced at DWW’s annual conference, which will be held on Saturday, September 16, at the MSU Management Education Center in Troy, Michigan.

To learn more about participating in the writing competition and attending the conference, please click on this Web site link: Detroit Working Writers.




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