The sound of a strong wind

August 4, 2017

I’m personally taking credit for the rain storm in Royal Oak yesterday evening. Why? Because the day before yesterday, I finally (!) took my dusty car to the car wash. 😉 Then it rained.

I had driven to a local car wash that our family knows well. During that time, we’ve seen the business upgrade its equipment every few years. I used to enjoy seeing my dirty car go through the mini-storm inside the building and come out the other end sparkling clean. I was happy to see the people at the end of the line with their  towels in hand, ready to add their human touch to my car before I’d return to driving in the real world.

However, yesterday was different. As I approached the end of the line, I was surprised to see no workers ready to towel-dry my car. Instead, I was feeling the car shake as it never had before in a car wash. A super powerful blast of air was enveloping the car. My surprise quickly turned to panic as I looked in my rear-view mirror and saw my back windshield shake visibly. I was scared that the oscillating glass would pop out of its gasket.

Luckily, it did not. In itself, that was a good thing–but it was even more important last evening when I needed to drive in the torrential rain that I caused by washing my car in the first place!

Well today, the rain subsided and the weather cleared to a gorgeous sunny blue sky and mild temperatures. I put the scary car wash behind me as I ventured out to meet someone in the afternoon. While I sat waiting in a parking lot with the windows down, breathing in the mild air, my ears were taking in a loud sound…as if a jet plane was passing overhead. Except that the sound never faded away, as you’d expect with a jet streaking across the sky. No.  There was no fading. It was as if a jet was hovering overhead. What could cause a sound like a jet without being a jet? Where was this sound coming from?

I turned around toward the sound–and found the cause. I was parked across the street from–you guessed it–the car wash I had patronized two days earlier!

Suddenly, I felt more justified about my fear of losing my back windshield in that blast of air at the car wash. With today’s nice weather, the car wash, of course, was open once again for business–and, unfortunately, so were the doors at the end of the line. That’s where the air blowers are located–the ones that can literally make your rear windshield shake in its gasket.

And make me shake with its memory. I think the next time I’m tempted to use the car wash, I may opt to keep my windshield a little dirty–but intact.



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